About rockalot

Hey there! I'm a long time web user, graphic designer/tweaker, web designer, photographer avidly using a myriad of Adobe products. When not behind the monitor I might be behind the wheel of my 1982 Toyota crawler on the Con, Fordyce, Moon Rocks or some other trail in Northern Cali/Western Nevada. If you see me in my bright orange Toyota, shooting photos at KOH, a W.E.ROCK event or anywhere else, please don't hesitate to say howdy.

2011 W.E.ROCK Proposed Event Dates

Eastern Series: 1) May 13-15 Dayton, TN. 2) June 24-26 Hannibal, MO. 3) July 22-24 Attica, IN (Badlands Off Road Park) 4) August 26-27 Dayton, TN.

2011 W.E.ROCK Proposed Event Dates

Western Series: 1) April 1-3 Pima Motorsports Park, Tuscon, AZ. 2) May 6-8 Oroville, CA. 3) June 10-12, Miller Motorsports Park, UT. 4) August 5-7 Donner Ski Ranch, CA.

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