Dirt Riot Central Series Round 2 Mill Creek OK

Final Results Have Been Posted!  Congratulations to all! Dive deeper into the times at www.moto-tally.com/WERock/DR/Results.aspx     Dirt Riot continues Central Series at Arbuckle Offroad Park in Mill Creek, OK on April 16th.  There will be PRO driver Qualifying on Friday night and fast paced racing all day Saturday. Multiple classes of racers will be hitting the track, [...]

Dirt Riot Central Round 3 Mill Creek, OK

The final round of the Central Series Dirt Riot series was part of a two day event, and a brand new location.  Rock crawling on Saturday followed by Dirt Riot on Sunday gave the competitors a full weekend of fun.  (WERock Results Here). The drivers raced smart and kept their rigs together on the tight [...]

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