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The Final Results are in…  Lots more to be posted, be sure to keep checking back!


















The Winner of the 4WD Factory National Rampage 44004×4 Pro Class is ………….

Bill Baird

Bill Baird, 2nd Southeast Series

1. Bill Baird
2. Derek West
3. Levi Shirley
4. Chris Hoyt
5. Clay Gilstrap
Full results to be posted later.

Additional Unofficial Results
4500 -> 1. Travis Wilson 2. Alan Johnson 3. Shawn Rants

4600 -> 1. Ferris McCollum 2. Jason Kaminsky 3. Cody Folsom

UTV Race -> 1. Levi Shirley 2. Justin Meador 3. Josh Marasek

Mod Stock Race -> Rawlin McGhie in First!

Stock Mod Race -> Travis Wilson in First!!
…Now for our Race Awards, Season Awards and a Raffle benefitting the American Cancer Society! Awesome Day!





The 4WD Factory Dirt Riot National Rampage 4400 Pro 4×4 Class Qualifying is complete! Congratulations to Derek West on grabbing the pole position! The main race will start at 3:30pm.

Dirt Riot 4400 Pro 4×4 START ORDER
Derek West
Clay Gilstrap
Bill Baird
Chris Hoyt
Spencer Murphy
Andrew McLaughlin
Roger Lovell
Aaron Peters
Levi Shirley
Duane Garretson/Ken Blume
BJ Allen
Cody Consford
Doug Kahlstrom
Jason O’Neal
Kenneth Goodall
Travis Cook
Jeff McCollough
Dustin Isenhour
Kyle Bruso
Shawn Inman
Billy Briney
Chris Sommer
Carl Langerhans
Damien Layer
Chip MacLaughlin
Chad Burchik
Seth Santikos
Matt Burkett
Jeremy Dickinsen
Todd Seawell
Tony Arledge
Tom Allen

There are a total of 32 drivers. The race is 3 hours. The winner will be determined by the most number of laps completed within the set amount of time.




The time has come to celebrate the end of the Regular Season of Racing and all converge on Bridgeport, Texas for the National Rampage event.

The Full Scoop on this weekends 4wd Factory Dirt Riot National Rampage:::::
The course is 5.25 Miles in length for the Cars; 4.75 for the UTV’s.
There are good elevation changes…about a 700ft difference.
Less Mud than last year  New course was created to take out some of the mud holes.
1/2 mile section of tight technical tree section (new for this year!)
More straight-a-ways than last year
Rock sections are still all downhill
Even though the course is longer than last year, the lap times should be about the same.
Projected Start Times:
9am – 4400 Qualifying
10am – Sportsman Classes
11:30 – UTV Class **Set of Pit Bull Tires for the Winner!**
1pm – 4500/4600
3:30 – 4400 Pro 4×4 Race **6 – 2014 King of The Hammers Starting Spots Available**
Projected Finish 6:30pm -> Followed by Race Awards, Series Award and Raffle supporting the American Cancer Society!

Anyone is welcome to race the UTV Class or Trail/Sportsman Classes!

For Specific Information & Directions to the Event: CLICK HERE

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Pre-Registered Drivers Photo Gallery

(Many More are Registering Onsite)

Pro 4400 4×4 Class

Aaron Peters Shea Nutt

Aaron Peters , Photo by Shea Nutt

Andrew McLaughlin

Andrew McLaughlin, 2nd in National Points; 1st Southwest Series & 2nd Mountain Series

Bill Baird

Bill Baird, 2nd Southeast Series

BJ Allen

BJ Allen

Carl Langerhans

Carl Langerhans

Chip MacLaughlin

Chip MacLaughlin

Chris Hoyt

Chris Hoyt, 3rd Mountain Series

Chris Sommer

Chris Sommer

Clay Gilstrap

Clay Gilstrap, 3rd Central Series

Cody Consford, photo by Shea Nutt

Cody Consford, photo by Shea Nutt

Derek West Spidertrax

Derek West, Photo by Spidertrax Offroad

Doug Kahlstrom

Doug Kahlstrom

Dustin Isenhour

Dustin Isenhour

Ken Blume

Ken Blume

Kyle Bruso

Kyle Bruso

Levi Shirley

Levi Shirley, 2nd Nationally; 1st Central Series

Roger Lovell

Roger Lovell, 1st Mountain Series

Seth Santikos

Seth Santikos

Shawn Inman

Shawn Inman

Spencer Murphy

Spencer Murphy

Todd Seawell

Todd Seawell

Tony Arledge

Tony Arledge, 4th Nationally


1 53 Chris Hoyt

2 4419 Jeremy Dickinsen

3 18 Levi Shirley

4 27 Todd Seawell

5 111 Damien Layer

6 192 Duane Garretson/Ken Blume

7 4493 Andrew McLaughlin

8 5252 Bill Baird

9 2 Spencer Murphy

10 49 Matt Burkett

11 26 Clay Gilstrap

12 7779 Kenneth Goodall

13 595 Tony Arledge

14 4427 Chip MacLaughlin

15 42 Aaron Peters

16 187 Shawn Inman

17 82 Billy Briney

18 20 Chad Burchik

19 1 Roger Lovell

20 678 Chris Sommer

21 108 Cody Consford

22 Seth Santikos

23 4429 BJ Allen

24 4472 Dustin Isenhour

25 21 Kyle Bruso

26 486 Carl Langerhans

27 927 Doug Kahlstrom

28 12 Jeff McCullough

29 4420 Derek West

NO Qualifiying – rear start

101 Jason O’Neal

4440 Travis Cook


Pro 4500 4×4 Class


Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson, 1st Nationally, 1st Southwest Series

Mitch Funk

Mitch Funk, 1st Mountain Series

Shawn Rants

Shawn Rants, 2nd Nationally, 2nd Mountain Series


1 36 Roger King

2 4515 Mitch Funk

3 4531 Shawn Rants

4 4511 Alan Johnson



Pro 4600 4×4 Class

Cody Folsom

Cody Folsom, 2nd Nationally, 1st Southwest Series

Ferris McCollum

Ferris McCollum, 3rd Mountain Series

Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson

Roger King

Roger King



1 4646 Ferris McCollum

2 4608 Josh Jackson

3 4670 Cody Folsom

4 4678 Jason Kaminsky

Mod Trail Class

Emma Wilson

Emma Wilson

Shelby Gilstrap

Shelby Gilstrap


1 16 Shelby Gilstrap

2 222 Rawlin McGhie

3 1 Darrell Gray

4 6 Travis Wilson

5 883 Buck Allen

6 7 Emma Wilson




Stock Trail Class

Cody St Clair

Cody St Clair

Jason Davis

Jason Davis

Travis Wilson

Travis Wilson


1 603 Doug McDowell

2 17 Mike VanZyl

3 4569 Rob Flandro

4 26 Duane Garretson

5 2331 Cody St Clair

6 701 Steven David

7 619 Jason Davis



UTV Class

Billy Briney UTV

Billy Briney

Casey Strickland

Casey Strickland

Lindsay Syler

Lindsay Syler

Wesley Gryner

Wesley Gryner


1 3 Trey Perry

2 434 Kirk McClure

3 1982 Casey Strickland

4 64 Terry Kenyon

5 1952 Marty Strickland

6 31 Jason Baird

7 77 Justin Meador

8 438 Darian McClure

9 1108 Gerry Davis

10 26 Clay Gilstrap

11 1979 Jonas Burnett

12 439 Billy Briney

13 7 Wesley Gryner

14 81 Levi Shirley

15 12 Terrell Gauny

16 4011 Cody Keller

17 8008 Whimpy Lawson

18 7X Stephen Lee

19 194 Josh Marasek

20 226 Lindsay Syler

21 1983 Dustin Weeks

22 11 Lucas Preece

23 609 Matt Blackstock

24 1028 BJ Kohlleppel





Dirt Riot 4WD Factory National Rampage This Weekend in Bridgeport, TX

Six 2014 King of the Hammers Ultra4 Starting Positions Available


Rock CityPLACERVILLE, CA   SEPTEMBER 8, 2013:  The 4wd Factory Dirt Riot National Rampage marks the end of the 12 event series that criss-crosses the country over a 7-month period.  This final 2013 event brings all the drivers from across the country to compete for the National Championship in Bridgeport, Texas.  There are over 70 teams expected to take on the tough Texas terrain on Saturday October 12 at the Northwest OHV Park, the same location as last years race.  “We are very excited to be back in Bridgeport for this race, the town is always so welcoming especially Rock City Burgers where we will be kicking off the weekend on Friday night with a Driver Meet & Greet,” said Rich Klein, President and founder of W.E. Rock Events.  “There will be the top drivers from across the country attending, some who are focused on claiming the National Championship Title, others who are focused on getting a spot in the 2014 King of the Hammers and some UTV Drivers that are excited to win the set of PitBull Tires that are up for grabs.  It will be a great show in every class!”

Brian Shirley            Spectators are welcome and encouraged to bring chairs and shade structures.  The weekend will kick off on Friday with pre-running and then a Driver Meet & Greet in town at Rock City Burgers from 5-8pm.  Race day Saturday starts with the Professional 4×4 4400 drivers qualifying at 9am, followed immediately by the UTV Race at 10am for one hour.  The Pro 4500 and 4600 classes and Trail Sportsman Class will start at 11:30am for an hour.  The main event, the Professional 4400 4×4 class will start at 2pm and run for three hours.  Race Awards, Series Awards and a Fundraiser Raffle benefitting the American Cancer Society will immediately follow the race.  The raffle will include LED Lights from Olympus Offroad, an autographed jersey from Johnny Campbell (winning Honda rider at Baja) and many other items from Dirt Riot’s great sponsors. The Dirt Riot winners banner will also be available for auction, $150 minimum, with all proceeds going to ACS.

Todd Seawell            This course has the most varied terrain of any course Dirt Riot races all year.  Wooded sections, wide open fast sections, hard rock sections, gravel roads and true 4 wheel drive trails.  The racecourse will be in excess of 4 miles with lots of elevation changes. The drivers who complete the most number of laps in a set amount of time determine the winners.

Over 70 drivers are expected from across the country, some travel times exceeding 30 hours.  Pre- Registered Drivers for the Pro 4400 4×4 Class include Kenneth Goodall, BJ Allen, Kyle Bruso, Ken Blume, Spencer Murphy, Derek West, Damien Layer, Chad Burchik, Cody Consford, Aaron Peters, Andrew McLaughlin, Carl Langerhans, Roger Lovell, Matt Burkett, Chip MacLaughlin, Chris Hoyt, Billy Briney, Bill Baird, Doug Kahlstrom, Todd Seawell, Clay Gilstrap and Chris Sommer.  There are six 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers spots available to the top finishers of this race.

stock           The Professional 4600 and 4500 stock classes also have a solid lineup of cars pre-registered including Matt Peterson, Ferris McCollum, Cody Folsom, Roger King, Mitch Funk, Shawn Rantz, and Alan Johnson.

Local enthusiasts are welcome to join the Sportsman Stock or Mod Trail Classes and join Emma Wilson, Shelby Gilstrap, Jason Davis, Cody St Clair, Travis Wilson and many more.

The UTV Race will be fun to watch with over double the pre-registered drivers expected to show up and a set of PitBull Tires given to the winner!  Local enthusiasts are also welcome to join with the limited safety requirements.  Join Lindsay Syler, Terry Kenyon, Billy Briney, Darian McClure, Krik McClure, Casey Strickland, Josh Marasek, Stephen Lee, Wesley Gryner, Matt Blackstock and Justin Meader on the track this Saturday!

UTV National Rampage Dirt RiotPro drivers must have been a driver or co-driver in a Dirt Riot race sometime over the last two seasons to compete; anyone can compete in the UTV and Sportsman classes.  More information can be found at

Spectators are encouraged to come and enjoy the entertainment.  Admission is $15 for adults, $5 for ages 8-15, children 7 and under free and Military with ID get $5 off. There are vendors, food and amenities on site.  We do encourage you to bring chairs and shade structures.

Event Sponsors: Maxxis Tires, Spider Trax, Trail Gear, Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts, Branik Motorsports, ADS Off-Road Racing Shocks, Artec Industries, ASR Offroad, Nitro Gear & Axle, Raceline Wheels, Crawl Magazine, PCI Race Radios, The, Race Team Store, Superchips, PSC Motorsports, 4wd Factory



stock class


The Dirt Riot National Rampage sponsored by 4WD Factory will give the top finisher in the Pro 4×4 class a qualifying position in the 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers.  The Rampage will start on Friday October 11th with pre-running and a Driver Meet and Greet in Bridgeport Texas at Rock City Burgers.  Saturday the action starts at 9am with qualifying and will end around 4pm when the awards and payouts for the race and season will conclude the entire 2013 season.  “I can’t describe how awesome this event was last year.  Bringing all the Dirt Riot racers from all four series into one location to compete against each other and finally meet one another was a great experience, I can hardly wait to experience it again,” said Klein.  The driver list is already climbing and the Northwest OHV Park in Bridgeport offers great spectator viewing areas for this fast paced racing.  Pro drivers must have been a driver or co-driver in a Dirt Riot race sometime over the last two seasons to compete; anyone can compete in the UTV and Sportsman classes.  More information can be found at


4wdFactory 125About Dirt Riot Sponsoring Partner 4wd Factory: 4wd Factory was created in 2001. The idea started during a conversation on a long trip back from a weekend of wheeling. We launched the business with our first product, the Dana 60 35 Spline Upgrade Kit. We assembled the packages with the best parts at unbeatable prices. In 2003, we worked with BillaVista on with tech articles including the Dana 60 35 Spline Upgrade Kit, Dana 60 Kingpin Rebuild Kit and the famous Dana 60 Bible which now have over 10 million views! Over the years, we’ve continued to add more quality products and manufacturers. Originally, we specialized in axle components but have since expanded our inventory to accommodate all of your off roading needs.


If you don’t see what you are looking for, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We also welcome suggestions for new products.  We will always go the extra mile to get you back on the trails!



This will be the location for any updates over the weekend, Results and Photos!  Please be sure to come back to see more.



CLICK HERE to pre-purchase tickets.  Please use this method if you would like to use a credit card. There is limited online access at most event sites to process credit cards.  These are rain or shine events, no refunds.

Dirt Riot National Rampage Tickets



Drivers, Please Pre-Register:


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Last Years National Rampage was at the same location, Check out the Pictures, Video and More:



See You At the Races!

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