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This is the third event in the Central AND Southwest 2012 Dirt Riot Series!  This is a double header that drivers can get points in both series!

Special Thanks to Battle Rock Off-Road Park for hosting the Race and Jimmy’s Outback 4×4 for hosting the Driver Meet & Greet.

Please join us!  More information, directions and times    CLICK HERE!!

Did you know you can RACE Your Stock Rig?  There is a Trail Class built specifically so anyone can bring their vehicle in from off the trails and have fun in a one hour race.  Registration is only $100 for Trophies and Bragging Rights.

UTV Class is also available at All Dirt Riot Events.

AT THIS RACE ONLY >> You can enter to race for Southwest Points, Mountain Points or Both.
The standard one race entry fee puts you in the race. You can pick which series you want your points and season money to go towards.
There will be the standard issued payout – 1 place per 4 vehicles.

If you would liket to get points for both series…*Which also gives you double the National Points*… its an additional $150 regardless of membership status.

Come back during the event to this link for the results and pictures!!