Joel Moranton spent the Summer of 2012 Travelling with the W.E. Rock and Dirt Riot crew.  This article is exceptional in showing “what really happens” behind the scenes of an event.  

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While attending any event, it’s easy to think, “I could have coordinated this so much better!” We have all been to some motor sports event, and wondered; “Why did the event planner organize the event this way?” However, have you ever really stopped and thought about what actually goes on behind the scenes of a race or event? This summer 2012, I did just that. I was given the honor of being able to travel all over the U.S. with the organizers and hosts of the W.E. Rock, aka World Extreme Rock Crawling events.

With the recent excitement towards the Ultra-4 racing, and advancements of the sport, W.E. Rock decided to add a new event to their season. Dirt Riots are their newest venture and get the drivers not only thinking about how to manage the course, but how to do it in the fastest time as well. It is not a race to the finish line, but an endurance race, and the one who manages to make it through as many laps as possible in 3 hours, wins this new style of racing.

Rich “Big Rich” Klein, the largest promoter in the nation, was able to give us a distinct insight into what goes into the actual coordination of these large events. He became a promoter by volunteering in Utah to help other promoters at different events, and learned what worked and what didn’t. Upon moving back to California from Utah, he saw a need for regional events to take place in both California and Nevada. After watching the Warn Nationals and the first year of the ARCA series, he decided to begin hosting his own events and began by speaking to local wheelers in Northern California to see what sort of interest was out there. As Big Rich explains it, “I found a piece of suitable property for an event and jumped in with both feet.



One of my favorite posts from Joel during his adventures.  You feel this a lot while on the road.  “Not sure where I am, but it sure is pretty!”

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