Coming out to a Dirt Riot race for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, so we would like to share what you can expect.
higherground4x4 people werockFriday is designed for pre-running for the racers, it generally starts in the afternoon, there is no charge to come out and watch, but it usually isn’t “exciting” either. The drivers are asked to keep it at half speed and learn the course. At 5:00 p.m., the qualifying generally starts for all Pro classes. This can run up to an hour. The cars are qualifying for start position for the next day’s race. Some drivers will choose to not qualify, thus taking a rear start the next day. Be sure to check the Schedule page, as this sometimes gets moved around based on local events taking place.


Digital Dirt Image Congressdirt riot cedar cityThere are eight classes of drivers – usually the day starts with the UTV and Pro-UTV classes. It’s best to get these smaller tired vehicles done early before the larger tire cars take the course and dig bigger holes. Expect a one-hour race for these vehicles. Following will be the Modified Trail Class and the Stock Trail Class, sometimes the 4600 Pro class is also thrown in, this is also a one-hour race. Next race is the Super Modified Class, generally for one-hour as well, sometimes the 4500 class is here, sometimes with the final race of the day, the 4400 class. The 4400 class is the high horsepower, big wheeled vehicles that can reach up to 110 mph depending on course conditions. The race for the 4400 class will be 1 ½ to 3 hours, again, depending on course conditions and length of course. All races finish with a Grand-prix finish.


Congress werock CrowdDirt Dreamers Dirt RiotGrand-prix finish means the checkered flag drops on the lead car as close to the finish time (in this case one-hour) as possible, everyone else will get the checkered flag as they come through, regardless of what lap they are on. The person with the most laps wins and the tallying will continue. So, the second guy across the finish line may not necessarily be second because he may be on a lesser lap.



moab areabfe dirt riotThe UTV classes include a Sportsman class and a Pro class, any vehicle can race in either class, however, if the UTV is 1000 cc, or includes a Big Bore kit, it must race in the Pro class.

The Stock Trail, Mod Trail, SuperMod Trail cars are designed for the trail wheeler that wants to give racing a try. With a few minor safety adjustments, the vehicle can be ready to race. Take a look at the rules and see what you need to do to get your rig ready to race.

The other three classes are what we call, purpose-built rigs – this is based on the Ultra4 build rules, the 4400 class, 4500 class and the 4600 classes who race for a variety of times. If you are interested in what the rules are regarding the classes, go to www.ultra4racing.comwe rock congress 059

After the final race of the day, you are welcome to stay for the Awards Ceremony where all of the drivers placing for the day receive trophies and cash.
On-site you will find food vendors, toilets and plenty of sunshine (on a good day). There is also lots of dirt, so plan on getting dusty. We also have the W.E. Rock Events General Store for all your official merchandise – t-shirts, hoodies, caps, etc. and many of our sponsors have booths at the event as well.



Tucson.Gray.85werock rock crawling jimrock japanAt the gate, pay your entry fee, and then follow the traffic flow. You will usually pass the W.E. Rock Events trailer first, please stop and take a look and ask ANY questions you may have. Then look around for the spectator safe areas to watch the action. Some sites have a wagon to get you to the areas if it is a large site, others have walking trails.

All announcements are made over the loudspeaker, information can also be found at the start/finish line, come on by and ask any questions you may have.




fansThe Pits are open to the general admission. You are welcome to walk around and look at the cars and meet the drivers. Please be aware of your children when you are in this area for moving vehicles and parts. Children are not allowed in the hot pits.Simms Dirt Riot

Since you have already checked out the website, go to the event page under the Schedule Tab and check for the other details that are specific to the event you are attending, that’s where we list details of the event. The day schedule is subject to change based on the number of entries for the day.


Rock City

Crowd Dirt Riot CongressSome things you may want to bring with you – Folding chairs, blanket, sunscreen, hat or umbrella, coats, sweatshirts or rain gear depending on the forecast. Water to drink and snacks – coolers are allowed on site – however, be aware that some of our sites do not allow alcohol depending on the property owner, best to reference the Schedule Post. Money for buying souvenirs, but know that credit cards are accepted at most locations as well.


ryan miller dirt riot areabfe moabWe look forward to seeing you at a Dirt Riot Endurance Race – if you Facebook, be sure to like our W.E. Rock Events page – this will give you the most up-to-date info and updates throughout the race week and weekend. At the end of the weekend there will be pictures posted from the race…which you might be in! Feel free to Tag yourself in any of the pictures.




Tucson.GoodallK.7779.4During the course of the next week we post the final results, lots of pictures, a recap on the event and videos. Please come back to see what you may have missed on the other side of the course.

See You Soon!