What To Expect At A W.E.ROCK Event…

If you have never seen a Rock Crawling competition before, you might be asking yourself or the person standing next to you, this same question.

Rock Crawling is a new competitive sport, entering only it’s 11th year. The sport is designed to test the mental make-up of the driver, the physical fortitude of the spotter and the mechanical abilities of the vehicle. These 3 make up the team. The competition is a trials type of event and scored much like a game of golf. The course on which the teams compete is laid out in a series of “obstacles”. At this event there are 8 obstacles for each team to complete. The team with the lowest score is named the winner. The teams are scored with penalty and bonus points (see chart below), general penalties include: Backing up or putting the vehicle into reverse, hitting the cones that are used to lay out the course, using a spotters strap, use of their winch, and using too much time. General bonus points are: progression gates, and hard bonus lines.

The guys and gals you’ll see out here today are the leaders in this new sport, watch for their names in the future, get their autographs, for someday this sport might equal or outgrow many of the other organized motor sports we watch on TV today.

Total points on any course driven can be as high as 40, 50 points if a course is not attempted.

Penalty Points:
1 point, Backing up or changing of direction
10 points, touch a course marker (cone, banner, etc.) by the team, including spotter or equipment
40 points, timing out (time limit for all W.E. ROCK courses is 10 minutes)
5 points, use of rear steer (given per course if used)
8 points, for not using a spotter strap
30 points, use of winch to aid forward progress

Bonus Points:
1 point, for each set of cones completed, also called Progression Points
10+ points, completing a bonus line (blue cones)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

General Spectator Event Information
This is to help the first time spectator be ready to enjoy a Rock Crawling event. The suggestions here are geared toward an event held in a natural environment. Natural environments mean dirt, sand and rocks, so please remember to wear comfortable shoes, and shoes that can help you handle these elements. As some events are held at man-made courses, some items are not allowed. However, basic necessities to protect your skin are always appropriate.

At all W.E.ROCK and CalROCS events you will find your basic needs filled, items such as:
• Portable toilets
• First Aid personnel
• Food vendors (basic fare)

On most occasions, sun will be plentiful, so be prepared for it. Here is a list items you might need at a typical Rock Crawling event.
• Sun screen
• Portable shade
• Water
• Wide brim hat
• Chairs
• Ice Chest
• Ice
• Fruit Drinks
• Snacks
• Weather-appropriate clothes
• Blankets for cold weather or to sit on

See you there!