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Dirt Riot Rocked AreaBFE Ending Moab Easter Jeep Week with a Bang

Dirt Riot Winners:  Pro 4400:  Andrew McLaughlin  ;  Pro 4500:  Jeff Rector
Pro 4600: Matt Peterson  ;  Mod Trail Class: Ryan Miller  ;   UTV Class:  Jeff Rector
Stock Trail:  Rob Flandro

moab areabfe dirt riotPLACERVILLE, CA   APRIL 19, 2013:  On a beautiful day in Moab Utah, the 4×4 Professional racers and Sportsman enthusiasts lined up for a green flag at the first round of the Mountain Series Dirt Riot race at AreaBFE. The racing format was different than a typical Dirt Riot race with a green flag on the top section, three laps around the greater portion of AreaBFE and then two additional laps around the top pit area in front of hundreds of spectators.  By the end of the day it was Andrew McLaughlin who would take the Pro 4400 4×4 class win with Brad Lovell and Levi Shirley both being awarded second place finishes.  “We couldn’t have asked for better racers, better spectators or better weather,” said Rich Klein, President and founder of W.E. Rock Events.  “We would really like to thank the entire staff at AreaBFE for their outstanding support of this race and we look forward to having it here for many years to come.”

The morning of the race came at the end of a very busy Red Rock 4-Wheelers Easter Jeep Safari week in Moab.  Qualifying was fast and Jeremy West from the 667 Rockers club added a bit of flare as he rolled across the finish line.  “Well, that wasn’t planned!” said Jeremy when he was checking on his qualifying time: 14th out of 20.  The pole position of the first race would go to the 2012 Moab Dirt Riot winner and the 2012 Dirt Sports driver of the year Brad Lovell.

Jeff rector moab dirt riot           With the format being a little different than normal, the Pro 4500, Pro 4600, Mod Trail Class and Stock Trail Classes all ran together in the morning hour.  The format included two laps on the bottom section and then completing two laps on the top section.   Jeff Rector, the Ironman of the day who competed in every single minute of racing, won the Pro 4500 class, with teammate Mitch Funk taking second and Shawn Rants in third.  Pro 4600 Matt Peterson added the Dirt Riot win to his recent 2012 Everyman Challenge King of the Hammers win.  Jason Kaminsky from Colorado finished second and Matt Salyers from Arizona finished third.  Unfortunately, Cody Folsom and Ferris McCollum were not able to complete a lap and took DNF’s for this race.

ryan miller dirt riot areabfe moab            In the trail classes that are built for all 4×4 enthusiasts to participate in, Rob Flandro won in the Stock Trail Class driving his Toyota truck.  In the Mod Trail Class, Ryan Miller continued his winning streak followed by Rawlin McGhie in second and Danny Israel in third.  These classes allow most all vehicles to run with minimal safety requirements.

Then it was time for the first heat of horsepower!  The Professional 4400 4×4 class drivers were lined up and ready to race with 20 drivers taking the course 30 seconds apart, they ran three loops around the bottom section and then ran two laps on the top.  They roared around, and soon it was Andrew McLaughlin in the LetzRoll Offroad car that came back up to the top section first, followed by Jeremy West who started 14th, Jeremy Ford who started 18th and then Chris Hoyt who started 6th.  The controversy of the race was over Levi Shirley completing three or four laps based on information from brad lovell dirt riot moab areabfeofficials at the bottom loop.  It was determined that he did run four laps and the resolution was to have Levi only run two laps in the second heat, as the winner of the race was determined by the total of the two heat times, this solution would allow for the times to equal themselves out.

As we saw back of the starting pack drivers come up to the top section first, it proved the difficulty and challenges of the AreaBFE trail systems.  Brad Lovell, who had started in first, finished heat one in 11th after changing a driveshaft.  The first heat took it’s toll on drivers like Bailey Campbell, Brian Shirley, Todd McCullen, Dustin Isenhour, Todd Seawell and Chad Wheeler who would not make it to the start of the second heat placing 15th and below in the final standings.

lucky dog moab dirt riot utv sxs            When an intermission of utilizing the bottom section was necessary for a Red Rock 4 Wheelers Club trail run to come through, the UTV Class ran the top section only.  This proved to be the most entertaining of the day hearing spectators cheering from every vantage point.  Five drivers, three of which were also driving in the Pro 4400 Class, would compete and only one would take the checker flag: Ironman Jeff Rector.  With multiple acts of sportsmanship among all the racers, Bebe Thiesen would have challenges early on, Levi Shirley at 7 laps and Brian Shirley at 9 laps would be forced to quit, and Brian Rector would sit after lap 6 laps.  It was the cool, calm, collected way of getting laps on the Arctic Cat that brought Jeff Rector to the checker flag, after breaking early and then getting fixed before all the other cars had broken.

bailey campbell dirt riot moab areabfe            In the meantime, the 4400 4×4 cars were lining back up for the second heat.  The combined times between heat one and heat two would determine the winners of this race.  Andrew McLaughlin started off the line first followed by Levi Shirley, Jeremy West and a whole pack of 14 drivers that completed all of heat 1.  With more challenges facing most of the teams, Andrew McLaughlin would have another fast heat putting him first in the overall race.  Brad Lovell proved his Driver of the Year title with amazing driving skills starting in the back of the pack in the second heat and finishing so quickly that he finished second overall!  Levi Shirley continued to show his young skills with another great finish, also taking second.

letzroll moab dirt riotAfter the event it was determined, “Brad Lovell and Levi Shirley both awarded second place at the Mountain #1 Dirt Riot race in Moab, Utah last Saturday,” said Rich Klein.  “After much review, we will award 2nd place to both racers.  There were circumstances created by Dirt Riot staff that consequently made a situation difficult to remedy.  In the end, the race was too close to call for second place, so rather than guess, both race teams were awarded second.  First place was obvious, with Andrew McLaughlin taking it; fourth place was also obvious.  Second and third were a little less so.  Our apologies to all the racers in the race, in our world those kind of errors aren’t acceptable, we strive to always provide high quality racing and results.  We are constantly learning and identifying weak areas so they aren’t repeated.”

moab dirt riot werockThe rest of field of drivers finished as follows: 4th place went to Jeremy Ford, 5th went to Ben Swain, 6th went to Tony Arledge, 7th went to Ironman Jeff Rector, 8th went to Ross Stanford, 9th to John Brock and rounding out the top 10 was Chris Hoyt.  Eleventh place went to Matt Lee, 12th to Jeremy West, 13th to Hunter Sparrow and 14th position went to Dustin Sexton.

The next Mountain Series race will be Father’s Day Weekend June 15th in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Ram Offroad  Park.  More information on that race will be posted at   Admission is $15 for adults, $5 for ages 8-15, children 7 and under free and Military with ID get $5 off. There are vendors, food and amenities on site, and we encourage you to bring chairs and shade structures.

All the results, pictures and stories are currently posted at


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1st – Andrew McLaughlin
2nd  –  Brad Lovell
3rd – Levi Shirley
4th – Jeremy Ford
5th – Ben Swain
6th – Tony Arledge
7th – Jeff Rector
8th – Ross Stanford
9th – John Brock
10th – Chris Hoyt
11th – Matt Lee


1st – Matt Peterson
2nd – Jason Kaminsky
3rd – Matt Salyers


1st – Jeff Rector
2nd – Mitch Funk
3rd – Shawn Rants

Mod Trail

1st – Ryan Miller
2nd – Rawlin McGhie
3rd – Danny Israel

Stock Trail

1st – Captain Rob Flandro


1st – Jeff Rector
2nd – Brian Shirley
3rd – Levi Shirley
4th – Brian Rector
5th – Bebe Thiessen

How to Read the Results:  This race was different than most Dirt Riot Races.  The Winner was determined by the lowest overall combined time between Heat #1 and Heat #2.


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moab dirt riot

The Mountain Series was one of the most contested series in 2012, and the MOAB event was one of the most attended by racers from all over.  Set at the end of the Easter Jeep Safari week, spectators have one more event they get to watch and or participate in.

For Specific Information & Directions to the Event: CLICK HERE

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Click Here to Purchase Tickets  Please use this method if you would like to use a credit card. There is limited online access at most event sites to process credit cards.  These are rain or shine events, no refunds.


Dirt Riot Excited for Big Saturday Race in Moab this Weekend at AreaBFE
Racing Saturday March 30th Starting at 9am in Moab, UT at AreaBFE


LOVELL racing moab dirt riotLast year’s AreaBFE Dirt Riot race winner and Dirt Sports Driver of the Year Brad Lovell is confirmed to race the 2013 Mountain Series kick off this weekend Saturday March 30th at AreaBFE, just outside Moab, UT.  Everyone that has wanted to race a 4×4 endurance race is welcome to come and participate starting with Tech and Registration on Friday night, followed by Racing all day Saturday.  For UTV’s and Stock Trail class the only requirements are Solid Roof, Doors or Door Bars, 4 Point Harness, Two Fire Extinguishers and a DOT approved Helmet.  “AreaBFE creates a very fun environment for racing with the top bowl filled with spectators to watch them,” said Rich Klein, President and founder of W.E. Rock Events.  “We had a great turn out for last years race and we already know of quite a few of the top racers that are committed to coming.  We are also really encouraging others that are in town this week to come and have a good time racing, the Trail Class is some of the best grass roots racing around…and there is a cash payout!  Guaranteed good time!”

Drivers that are confirmed for this race include four Rock Addict club members’ 4400 cars out of Colorado, including, Chris Hoyt, who was the Dirt Riot National Rampage champion last year.  Also racing is 16 year-old Bailey Campbell, prodigy of the Campbell Enterprises stable in her first 4×4 race and Levi Shirley and Brian Shirley of Lucky Dog Racing who were the 1st and 2nd place National Champions of the 2012 Dirt Riot season.  Dustin Sexton AreaBFE dirt riot moabfrom Sexton Offroad will have his Bronco racing and Andrew McLaughlin of LetzRoll Offroad will try to follow up his Arizona win from two weeks ago.

There are 3 Professional 4×4 classes, a Trail/Sportsman 4×4 class and a UTV class.  The classes are built to encourage local 4×4 or UTV participants to join us in a day of fun racing.  For registration information go to  Dirt Riot is an Endurance Racing series that is composed of 4 series of 3 races that stretch across the country.

Spectators are encouraged to come and enjoy the day of entertainment on Saturday March 30th. Area BFE does not allow for a loop race, so there will be a slightly different format than usual.  More specifically there will be laps on the upper loop, a downhill to the lower section, followed by laps on the lower loop and then a return to the upper loop, with laps following.  If you joined us last year, it will be similar with exceptional viewing areas.  Qualifying for the 4400 4×4 group starts at 9am.  The Stock Trail and Mod Trail class will begin their race at approximately10am for one hour.  At the completion of that race, approx 11am, the Heat Races for the Pro 4400 Classes will start.  Heat racing will be based on number of entries, so at this point it is unknown how many heats there will be until the mandatory drivers meeting at 8am Saturday morning.  After the round of heat races is complete, the Pro 4500 and 4600 class cars will begin racing.  Then the 4×4 4400 class will again make an appearance racing their B main races.  Next up will be the UTV Class which will run for an hour and at the completion will be the final Pro 4400 A Main races. The race schedule is set so there is an opportunity for the 4400 Pro 4×4 cars to get a full day of racing while maintaining safety on the course between number of cars and the laps on the top and bottom courses.  The winner of this race will be the one to complete the set amount of laps in the fastest amount of time.

The awards ceremony immediately follows the final race. Admission is $15 for adults, $5 for ages 8-15, children 7 and under free and Military with ID get $5 off. There are vendors, food and amenities on site, and we encourage you to bring chairs and shade structures.



moab driver prereg


This will be the location for any updates over the weekend, Results and Photos!  Please be sure to come back to see more.


Anticipated Race Day – POSTED 3/19/13
Driver’s Meeting 8:00 a.m. – representative from each team MUST be in attendance
Area BFE does not allow for a loop race, so a limited number of cars can be on course at the same time.  There will be laps on the upper loop, a downhill, followed by laps on the lower loop and then a return to the upper loop, with laps following.  Similar to last year.
Heat racing will be based on number of entries, so at this point it is unknown how many heats there will be, but the race day can be anticipated this way:
Qualifying begins at 9:00 for 4400 class only
At completion of qualifying (approx. 10 a.m.)  Stock Trail and Mod Trail will begin their race.
At completion of that race (approx. 11:00 a.m.)  Heat 1 of 4400 class will begin – followed by any other heats needed. Heat 2, Heat 3, etc.
At completion of Heats for 4400, the 4500/4600 class race will begin
At completion of 4500/4600 class race; the B Main race will begin for the 4400 class.
At completion of B Main, the UTV race will begin
At completion of UTV race, the A Main for the 4400 class will begin.
Laps on the upper and lower loops will be given on race day and be based on classes.
Everyone has at least two opportunities to get in to the A Main race, a number of cars will move forward from each heat with spots left over to allow for some from the B Main to advance as well.
Again, until registration is completed, we won’t know how many cars will advance from each Heat – this will be provided at the Driver’s Meeting.






See the Pictures, Results and Video from Last Year: 

AreaBFE is private land just outside of Moab that is open to the public, and has opened the park for the Dirt Riot Series.   Be sure to see their website:

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See You At the Races!

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