The growth of Rock Crawling over the past decade has been impressive as the sport has been recognized as the fastest growing segment in Off-Road competition. 2011 is expected to be a banner year for the sport, seeing continued growth in spectators, teams, sponsors and media coverage.
W.E.ROCK will continue to lead the way with new venues and events planned both in the US and internationally. Our 30% spectator attendance growth in 2010, as we fought through an economic downturn, brought our sport unprecedented new enthusiasts.

W.E.ROCK provides more of everything for any brand that wants to impact the growing legion of off-road fans that follow the sport of Rock Crawling. Numbers continue to grow! More action, more spectators, more teams, more international events, more national events, and more media coverage means more value. The time is right to catch this rising star in the lucrative off-road sports category.

This, along with W.E.ROCK’s new look has fueled more excitement than all of the previous years combined. From media coverage to customer service to premier event sites, W.E.ROCK continues to redefine the world of Rock Crawling and redefine the term “Extreme.”