Dirt Riot Mountain and Southwest 3 Cortez CO

  Battle Rock Offroad Park Was Perfect Location for Dirt Riot Double Points Showdown Dirt Riot Winners: Pro 4400:  Chris Hoyt  ;  Pro 4500:  Jeff Rector Pro 4600: Jason Kaminsky  ;  Mod Trail Class: Ryan Miller UTV Class:  Stephen Lee  ;  Stock Trail:  Jason Davis PLACERVILLE, CA   JULY 16, 2013:  Battle Rock Offroad Park in [...]

Dirt Riot Central 3 Fredericksburg TX

What an awesome day of racing!!  Our Thanks to everyone who made today so successful, especially Josh Rhode and Holland Ligon. Father and Son Win Dirt Riot Central Series Endurance 4x4 Race Lucky Dog Racing Brian Shirley wins Final Race of Central Series and Son Levi Shirley Captures Central Series Points Championship Title Second Year [...]

Dirt Riot Season Points Standings

FINAL 2013 Season Points  As of 8/26....  (Click to make Larger)     Dirt Riot National Rampage 10/12/13  Bridgeport, TX   Southeast Series 2/23/13  Great American Park, Auburn, AL      COMPLETED: CLICK FOR COVERAGE 4/27/13  Gray Rock, Birmingham, AL    COMPLETED:  CLICK FOR COVERAGE 8/24/13  Durhamtown Plantation, Union Point, GA  COMPLETED:  CLICK FOR COVERAGE [...]

Dirt Riot Southeast Round 1 Auburn AL

Dirt Riot Muddy Southeast Race at The Great American Park Class Winners: Pro 4400 – Jason Carner ;  Mod Trail – Todd Klueger ; Stock Trail – Payton Wilson The storm that was supposed to clear and go around the Great American Park ended up running right through it, raining 3.5” in a 24 hour [...]

Dirt Riot Great Lakes Round 3 Attica IL

Congratulations to Clay Gilstrap and Lindsay for winning tonights race! Second Roscoe Racing!  ~ Which gives them the Title of the Great Lakes Series ~ Third LetzRoll Offroad Andrew McLaughlin!  ~ Which gives them 3rd in the National Points Race~ [vsw id="492HUm6TSFU" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]  Dirt Riot Results: TREC Class A Results: TREC Class [...]

Dirt Riot Southwest 3 & Mountain 3 Cortez CO

 [vsw id="79en_Kl5mo8" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] Facebook Link: <TAG Yourself and Your Friends!> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151164137985926.512944.163589210925&type=1 [nggallery id=47]     This is the third event in the Central AND Southwest 2012 Dirt Riot Series!  This is a double header that drivers can get points in both series! Special Thanks to Battle Rock Off-Road Park for hosting the Race and Jimmy's Outback [...]

Dirt Riot Pacific Round 1 Medford OR

See Pictures on Facebook TAG YOURSELF [nggallery id=56]   This is the second event in the Pacific 2012 Dirt Riot Series! Special Thanks to Jackson County Sports Park for hosting the Race and Elmer's for hosting the Driver Meet & Greet. Please join us!  More information, directions and times    CLICK HERE!! Did you know you can RACE Your Stock Rig? [...]

Dirt Riot Mountain Round 2 Colorado Springs

[vsw id="oMxBPv4RqKo" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]   Results from the Race.  Names listed by starting order:   Pictures from the Driver Meet and Greet at Southside Johnny's & Qualifying LINK to Facebook Gallery:  CLICK HERE [nggallery id=45]   Pictures from Morning and Afternoon Races: LINK to Facebook Gallery:  CLICK HERE [nggallery id=46] This is the [...]

Dirt Riot Great Lakes Round 1 Harrison

 [vsw id="02nrAiof39o" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] Final Results from the Weekend with Split Times PICTURES!   (See Them on Facebook: TAG Yourself) [nggallery id=44]   This is the first event in the Great Lakes 2012 Dirt Riot Series! Special Thanks to Rocks and Valley Off Road Park for hosting the Race and Snow Snake Lodge for hosting [...]

Dirt Riot Southwest Round 2 Congress

[vsw id="W1V-fh-WiyE" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] Pictures from the Weekend:  (link to Facebook Gallery) [nggallery id=41]   This is the second event in the Southwest 2012 Dirt Riot Series! Special Thanks to www.ThunderRockAZ.com for hosting the Race and Some Like It Hot Cafe’ for hosting the Driver Meet & Greet. Please join us!  More information, directions and times    CLICK [...]

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